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EV Charging as a Service™      
starting at $99/month*

Includes a commercial charge station,      
software, and on-going management

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Flexible Monthly Payments

EV CaaS™ is a pay-as-you-go
package for EV Charging that includes
EV charge stations, the EV
Connect service solution, and financing.

Simple Software

Manage your stations and give
your EV drivers easy access to
all of our online and mobile app tools.

Full Service Management

Enjoy no hassle installation and
ongoing station management
with a single monthly payment.

* Per Unit, installation charges not included.

How EV CaaS™ Works


Once approved,
we buy charge stations based
on your site's specific needs.


Our contractors will come out
to install the charge stations,
or you can use your own contractor.

Driver Payments
& Support

Accept for use of your stations,
or provide them as
free-of-charge amenity.

Management &

We will provide on-going care
and management 24/7, you don't need
to worry about your charge station!

What's Included in EV CaaS™?


  • Site Planning
  • GE EV Charge Station
  • Base EV Connect Management Software
  • 24/7 Management Services
  • Maintenance
  • 3 Year Term

Optional Features

  • Enhanced EV Connect Software by Industry or Application
  • Custom Branding for the Charge Stations
  • Installation
  • >3 Year Term Packages

Station Host Benefits

EV Charging as a Service™

  • No upfront investment - Pay monthly from your Operating Expenditure (OpEx) budget.
  • EV Connect can handle all aspects of station deployment.
  • EV Connect manages all aspects of the charging station and service, including driver support, station management, and reporting.
  • EV Connect handles all vendor relationships.
  • Simplifies the decision and implementation process.

Upfront Investment

  • You pay for project upfront, as a Capital Expenditure (CapEx).
  • You manage or contract throughout installation.
  • Self-managed: You address driver issues, assume ongoing station management, monitor data, etc.
  • Optional 3rd party station management services.

Types of Charging Stations

WattStation™ Pedestal

$179 per month*

WattStation™ Wall-Mounted

$99 per month*


Single or Double Port
Single Port $149 per month* Double Port $199 per month*

* Per Unit, installation charges not included.